Seattle Character Playbook LIVE

On November 14th the Seattle Seahawks, Verizon, and United Way of King County introduced the Character Playbook LIVE event to the students of Seattle. Streaming LIVE from the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Seahawks Linebacker KJ Wright and Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett discussed the importance of character and provided specific examples of how to develop these traits. KJ and Tyler participated in a True and False activity with ten classrooms across the Seattle metro area. The second part of the conversation gave the students an opportunity to ask their own questions of the Seahawks players. Topic such as healthy relationships, dealing with conflict, and how to calm down when you are upset were all addressed. The Character Playbook LIVE is the next step of the Seahawks, the United Way of King County, and Verizon’s mission of bringing to the message of character to schools in Seattle and across the country.