United Way and the NFL have been partners in improving their communities for 45 years. Both United Way and the NFL are focused on projects and programs that enrich and strengthen communities across the country. Character Playbook is yet another example of a decades long tradition of community improvement made possible through the partnership of United Way and the NFL.

Since Character Playbook’s launch in spring of 2016, United Way and the NFL have continued to respond to the growing demand for Social and Emotional Learning tools by continually expanding Character Playbook’s availability. In the first year of the program (2016-2017) Character Playbook reached 85,000 students. In the second year (2017-2018) the program reached more than double this number of students and nearly doubled the number of schools using, and with this lives are improving. Students are more likely to stand up for one another. Students report being more confident in their ability to navigate tough conversations or manage their emotions and communicate effectively as a result of taking Character Playbook. As we begin 2019, we are pleased to announce that Character Playbook is now available to schools anywhere in the US, at no cost.

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Character PlaybookTM is powered by education technology leader EVERFI, which works across 20,000 K-12 schools in North America and over 1,300 colleges and universities.