Certification Ceremony for Sojourner Truth Middle School

On Friday, May 31st New York Jets offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele spoke with 45 students from Sojourner Truth Middle School about having high character and managing emotions. The event was held at the Jets training facility as a reward for Sojourner Truth Middle School’s commitment to the online digital resource Character Playbook. All of the students were rewarded with certificates for their great work utilizing Character Playbook and received various goodies branded with the Jets logo.

Kelechi did a great job speaking to the students about the importance of working hard and being brave each day. Some of the students from Sojourner Truth Middle School were surprised to hear an NFL player like Kelechi talk about having to overcome various obstacles to be successful. The event ended with Kelechi signing autographs and a surprise framed certificate presentation to the school’s technology teacher for great Character Playbook usage.

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