About Character Playbook

The NFL is committed to building and supporting a stronger society by equipping students with the tools to learn about building healthy relationships and understanding mental wellness. Staggering statistics show we must take a stand to support the next generation of students. Bring the Character Playbook to your school or community today!



Since 2016 the NFL Foundation has provided resources to students across the nation.
These resources are available to students and teachers nationwide at no cost.

Character Playbook: Building Healthy Relationships

Teaches students how to establish and maintain healthy, supportive relationships with their classmates. Students engage in true-to-life scenarios that explore the fundamentals of communication, conflict resolution, and managing emotions.

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Grade Level: 6th–9th grade

Recommended Class Fit: Social Studies, English, Health

Course Time: 5 digital lessons approximately 20–30 minutes each, optional offline lessons available

Topics Covered: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, decision making

Understanding Mental Wellness

Introduces students to the topic of mental health and the ways in which they can implement coping strategies to manage their own challenging thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The course recognizes that students can be faced with external circumstances beyond their control which can impact their mental health.

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Grade Level: 8th–12th grade

Recommended Class Fit: Health, Counseling, Advisory, and Homeroom

Course Time: 6 digital lessons approximately 10–15 minutes each

Topics Covered: Introduction to mental health, coping strategies, staying healthy in times of uncertainty, seeking and offering help

306: Black History

Explores the lives, stories, and lessons of Black Americans throughout history. 306 brings history to life for students through immersive and engaging learning content, bringing out the themes, narratives, and geographic concepts that provide important context and frameworks for learners to analyze historical events.

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Grade Level: 8th–12th grade

Recommended Class Fit: Social Studies, ELA, History, Advisory, Homeroom, and Library

Course Time: 6 digital lessons, 50 minutes with a capstone project

Topics Covered: West Africa in the Age of Global Transformation, Slavery in the United States, Emancipation and Reconstruction, Jim Crow Period, the Civil Rights Period and Beyond


Bring these resources to your community!

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The National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute has sponsored three videos which are integrated throughout the Character Playbook: Building Healthy Relationships course. The videos, designed to help guide students' decision-making and choices, focus on the Medal of Honor values of courage, commitment, and integrity. The three videos use true-to-life scenarios and the skills learned in the digital lessons to encourage and inspire students to answer the questions: What values are important to me? What choices do I want to make even when no one is watching and especially when it is difficult? Classroom extension activities include inspirational stories with worksheets about Medal of Honor Recipients Patrick Brady, Roy Benavidez, and Melvin Morris.