Cincinnati Launch Event Recap

The Cincinnati Bengals and United Way of Greater Cincinnati launched Character Playbook at Riverview East Academy on November 29, 2016 in Cincinnati, OH. Riverview East Academy welcomed the Cincinnati Bengals and United Way of Greater Cincinnati on November 29th to celebrate the launch of Character Playbook. The Cincinnati Bengals brought rookies Christian Westerman, Alex Erickson, Cody Core, Tyler Boyd, William Jackson III and team mascot “Who Dey”.

The Cincinnati Bengals rookies enjoyed spending time with students using the Character Playbook program in the classroom, and also participating in a panel session with nearly 200 students to discuss character education topics, such as: managing emotions, communicating effectively, analyzing influences, resolving conflict and making smart decisions. The event ended with a group picture featuring the players, mascot “Who Dey” and students waving their rally towels in the auditorium. For more