Celebration of Character Featuring Freddie Falcon

On Tuesday, May 14th Lovejoy High School was rewarded for winning the Character Challenge in the Greater Atlanta market. The Celebration of Character event featured a special guest appearance from the Atlanta Falcons mascot Freddie Falcon. The event started with a lot of energy from Freddie Falcon that included a dance-off with the Principal and some of the students from Lovejoy High School.

Following the dance-off the program transitioned into a conversation with the man within the Freddie Falcon suit. This marked the first time that Freddie Falcon unveiled his face in front of a live audience and it was a unique experience for all involved. The relaxed environment allowed for Freddie Falcon to discuss with the 9th graders from Lovejoy High School about making smart decisions and the importance of having strong character. The event concluded with a few student asked questions related to dealing with peer pressure and then an autograph session with Freddie Falcon.

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