Bolts Launch Character Playbook in Santa Ana


On May 16th the Los Angeles Chargers launched their Character Playbook campaign with a excited group of 7th graders at Santiago School in Santa Ana. Chargers players Hunter Henry, Chris Landrum, Sean Culkin, and two Charger Girls were on hand to share their experience with character and why it has played such a critical role in their lives. The two part event started in the computer lab with the Chargers taking part in the learning with students and online interface of Character Playbook. Part two of the event took place in the school courtyard and was led by the Chargers Community Relations Manger Chase Hartman. The conversation included included questions from the students and covered a range of topics from healthy social media, tools for building character, and advice on making good decisions. It is safe to say that the Chargers launch event for Character Playbook was a big success for all involved and great example of all that the Chargers will bring to their new home in Los Angeles!